Mini Melts

This is us!

We have been operating on the Polish market for 8 years. We predict that in 2018 Mini Melts products will be available in about 400 points of sale: 40 own outlets, 150 franchise outlets and about 200 partner outlets.

30-40% of our stands operate all year round. We want to make Mini Melts ice cream available throughout Poland, so we keep growing our sales network – we are looking for partners and franchisees.

Enjoy them all year round

Mini Melts ice cream can be enjoyed all year round, not only in the summer season: whether it’s a mountain trail, a seaside beach or a promenade, a play centre for children, a zoo, an amusement park or a retail store. Many sales partners have already trusted us, but we’re not settling for what we have.

It's time for you

Looking for a great business idea? We have a hint for you: a Mini Melts franchise is a guarantee of sweet profits.


We keep developing, opening new sales outlets in attractive locations every year. Our plans for a further expansion include conquering all European markets! Because we have a unique product – our refreshing desserts served in colourful cups and baseball cups are the recipe for success!


We offer two proven models of cooperation – choose the one that suits you best depending on your goals. You can open your own business on a franchise basis, with our support, or expand your existing culinary offer under a partnership model.


No investment necessary, this option is mainly for existing locations such as playrooms, trampoline parks,
ice-cream parlours, cafés etc.


A self-managed point of sale with the privilege of territorial exclusivity, requiring a small initial financial contribution of PLN 10-15 thousand (stocking, lease and deposit).


Reliable cooperation and extensive support

We have everything you need to start your ice cream business. A unique range of products with various models of ready-to-use, branded stands. Our maintenance-free vending machines selling sealed portions of ice cream can also be leased. What’s more, we can make stands according to your customized design.

Mini Melts ice cream can only be sold using dedicated machines and served with certified accessories. See the multitude of options ahead of you!


Width Length Height Voltage Power rating
2,200 mm 2,200 mm 3,000 mm 220-240 V 0.78 kW

A typical sales kiosk - suitable for independent operation in any conditions. In addition to standard locations such as seaside promenades and city centres, it works very well in areas where there is no additional infrastructure (beaches, parks, bathing areas).

The stand is furnished and can be locked from the outside. It can be transported using a passenger car with a dedicated Mini Melts trailer for easy loading and unloading, so the kiosk can be used as a mobile stand for events.


Width Length Height Voltage Power rating
710 mm 1,770 mm 2,170 mm 220-240 V 0.36 kW

A mobile stand designed for most outdoor locations. It works great on coastal promenades, in amusement parks and areas with heavy tourist traffic. The foldable roof guarantees protection in extremely sunny conditions. The branded sunshade promotes both the outlet and the Mini Melts brand.

The total area needed to install the complete point of sale is approx. 2 sq m.


Width Length Height Voltage Power rating
660 mm 1,060 mm 900 mm 220-240 V 0.36 kW

A point of sale intended for indoor locations such as play centres, trampoline parks or supermarkets. The stand can be placed directly next to a wall. Ice cream can be sold in cups, baseball cups or in sealed portions with a spoon.

Mini Glass

Width Length Height Voltage Power rating
660 mm 1,060 mm 1,400 mm 220-240 V 0.36 kW

A point of sale intended for indoor locations such as cafés, ice-cream parlours and play centres. Ice cream can be sold in cups and baseball cups. The stand has a glass display and is illuminated from the inside.

Vending machine

Width Length Height
790 mm 930 mm 1,780 mm

A maintenance-free machine selling ready portions of ice cream with a spoon. The packages are sealed. The machine can hold 300 cups with various flavours. It is a great choice for indoor locations such as water and trampoline parks, entertainment centres and shopping malls.

Our ice cream – your benefits

Mini Melts ensures regular deliveries and the necessary know-how to run a point of sale and follow sales plans No license or marketing fees Attractive and flexible terms of stand lease or purchase – individual approach to partner/franchisee Sales training for the sales partner and their personnel Platform for the exchange of experiences with other partners
A relationship manager whom you can contact and rely on their help Marketing activities on a nationwide scale A recognizable brand that guarantees easy access to customers Eye-catching stands and original accessories Top quality goods and services

An extra business? A franchise? Give Mini Melts a go and taste success!

Sales/Partnership Marcin Sroka E-MAIL TEL. 605 338 338
Marketing Katarzyna Suchanek E-MAIL TEL. 693 000 400
CONTACT DETAILS: Mini Melts SP. Z O.O. ul. Królowej Jadwigi 281 30-234 KRAKÓW
KRS 0000621848 NIP 6772404019
BANK DETAILS: PLN: 15 2490 0005 0000 4530 3463 6863 EURO: 36 2490 0005 0000 4600 1457 6550, SWIFT/BIC: ALBPPLPWXXX, IBAN: PL

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